February 9th 14 · 0 notes Day 220

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December 25th 13 · 1 note Day 219

Merry Christmas

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December 17th 13 · 0 notes Day 218

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November 27th 13 · 1 note Day 217

Another really relaxing day! I kept leaving school early this week because I was tired, and we had a pep rally today. Joke of a week.
I hung out with jon today! Finally went on that chipotle date! (:

November 16th 13 · 0 notes Day 216

Random Chill Day

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October 27th 13 · 0 notes Day 215

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October 26th 13 · 0 notes Day 214

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August 2nd 13 · 1 note Day 213

Got a new hamster.
Got Panera for the first time in a long time. 

July 29th 13 · 1 note Day 212

haven’t done this ish in mad long haha
lunch date with tim hyung today! jjajjangmyun and bubble tea~
then while i was walking to bs i met these street evangelists.. and dayummmmm~ people be aggressive.

July 7th 13 · 1 note Day 211

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July 4th 13 · 0 notes Day 210

Fourth of July!
No hagwon today because today’s a holiday. I woke up later than usual and played megaman all morning. I was supposed to go hang out with people today but instead I bummed out at gyowhae. Seven game win streak today with the church kids! Hagwon tomorrow so I have to start homework soon. Sigh~ 
Downloaded all of Death Note, soooooo all nighter?

July 2nd 13 · 0 notes Day 209

I had the car today so I hit the gym and got some Mc Chicken(;
Hagwon is brutal…. life!

June 30th 13 · 2 notes Day 208

Wow! I was with the peace kiddos for 5 days straight. Honestly, so tiring! The service today was good like always, but my drumming is getting shabby. I have to step it up. Gyowhae and everything was great today. I have hagwon for the rest of summer starting tomorrow. Bleh. I wish I didn’t stop my gym membership because I want to go back to Retro so bad. Oh well…

Tomorrow mah nigguh is going to Africa. Keep safe!

June 28th 13 · 0 notes Day 207

TEAM 3 and the Struggle

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June 26th 13 · 0 notes Day 206

awesome day :D

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